Matt Orfalea
1 min readAug 10, 2016


A guaranteed income goes to EVERYONE automatically...

So anybody who works a job will earn MORE than anybody who doesn’t.

That’s not the case with the current welfare system, where (1) People are disincentivized from working, because they lose benefits if they get a job.
(2) Somebody on welfare can make as much as someone with a job.

A Guaranteed Income eliminates both of those issues.

Libertarian capitalist and Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman supported it. It is not a perfect system. But it is a better system than we have now.

A Job Guarantee is way more flawed than an Income Guranantee in my opinion.

Some people do not deserve a job. If someone knows they have a job guaranteed, what’s the motivation of doing a good job, if they essentially can’t get fired?

Also the Automation Revolution we’re starting makes a job guarantee all the less practical.