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Why I should be Bernie Sanders’ Press Assistant ( 3 Reasons)

1. Video Samples

I’m a good video editor. Like, really good. So good that even Adobe Premiere is sharing my work. I created over a dozen original videos to entertain and inform the public about the Bernie Sanders campaign and platform. Together they were shared and viewed over 30 million times on Facebook (without spending a single cent on advertising!). Here are 3 samples:

2. Writing Samples

I write regularly on Medium. And was editor/writer of “Bernie 2016”.

“How Bernie Sanders Pays for Proposals

“Every job I’ve ever had will be automated or obsolete.”

“Why Bernie Sanders fans must support a Universal Basic Income

3. References

You can read my resume on LinkedIn. But like Bernie Sanders said, sure experience is important, but so is judgement. And I think I’ve exhibited good judgement with my video production and editing decisions. But don’t take it from me. Take it from all the comments on my youtube videos. And from these celebrities with fancy blue check marks next to their names.

Thanks for considering me,

Matt Orfalea

Matt Orfalea makes videos on Youtube. You can also follow him here on Medium, Twitter, and Facebook. Please click the green heart below so more people see this article and support the author on Patreon!

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