Sanders won the democratic party presidential debate according to every single immediate poll after the debate. Including polling by TIME, Drudge Report, FOX, CBS, and CNN. Sanders won the most Google searches, as well as with the most mentions on both Facebook and Twitter. And focus groups all across the country (including CNN’s) chose Bernie Sanders to be the winner.

Hillary performed very well but so did Bernie. Despite all the evidence in Bernie’s favor, immediately after the debate, CNN reporters/pundits declared Hillary Clinton the victor with relatively very little commentary on Sanders. Okay, out of touch pundits is sadly a pretty normal phenomenon. But here’s where it gets really shady…

At first glance it looks like Hillary really is dominating in the democratic primary. However, if you investigate, you will find there’s no substance behind the numbers. It’s a game. From their website:

The Political Predict Market is a game run by the company Pivit and hosted by CNN that uses polls and other factors along with input from players who weigh in on the odds that a candidate or party will win or lose an election.

Why would CNN mislead their viewers?

Time Warner Inc is Hillary’s 7th biggest financial supporter. Time Warner Inc owns CNN. CNN is posting all over that Hillary won the debate because it’s in its in Time Warner’s financial/political interest to do so.

Getting money out of elections by overturning Citizen’s United is one of Bernie’s many goals. Hillary talks the same but her actions suggest she is not sincere. Most of Hillary’s campaign money comes from big banks and corporations, while Sanders refuses to accept money from Super PACs.

Getting money out of politics = less political advertising. Political advertising puts money in Time Warner’s pockets. It’s neither a conspiracy nor a theory. CNN is actively deleting pro-Bernie Sanders comments from their websites. A news outlet which has funded a candidate is now showing bias for that candidate. But it doesn’t stop with Time Warner Inc (TWI).

Who owns Time Warner?

Large financial houses like Vanguard, State Street, JP Morgan, and Black Rock Financial own the majority of Time Warner (TWC) stock. Who do you think these big banks and financial institutions want to be president? (Hint: Not Sanders)




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Matt Orfalea

Matt Orfalea

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