Who is the Atlantic Council?

Who decides what’s real or fake on Facebook?

Their board of directors includes people who have misinformed the public into war and toppled democracies. Now they’re working with Facebook to protect us from misinformation in the name of democracy.

What could go wrong?

Here’s 5 Frightening Facts about the Atlantic Council

1. Enemies of Democracy

The CIA by the way has several former directors, who are also on the Atlantic Council’s board, along with former deputy CIA director, Stephen Kappes, a convicted kidnapper.

The CIA of course has a long history of overthrowing democracies and propping up dictatorships. Dictatorships kind of like the monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates, who donated millions of dollars to the Atlantic Council and don’t even pretend to give a damn about Democracy

They still say it’s about Democracy though. So there’s nothing to worry about because nothing nefarious has ever done in the name of Democracy before…

2. Bush Buddies

Incredibly, the same day the council announced their partnership with Facebook, they were engaging in their own blatant disinformation campaign, praising George W. Bush with a “Distinguished International Leadership Award.”

That’s like giving the 9/11 hijackers an award for “Distinguished Aviation”.

3. Media Misinformants

Edelman has also done PR work for fellow Atlantic Council board member, billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who is famous for misinforming the public over the hundreds of media outlets he owns, including FOX News.

Studies showed that the more people watched Rupert Murdoch’s FOX News, the more misinformed they became. How did the Atlantic Council respond?

The Atlantic Council presented him an award for “Distinguished Leadership” — a leadership award to the guy who used his media empire to trick the public into supporting a bloody war. This is who Facebook is letting monitor their own social media empire for misinformation.

4. War Hawks

Here’s Atlantic Council International Advisor, James Clapper painting all Russians as genetically untrustworthy.

“Just the historical practices of the Russians who typically [are] almost genetically driven to co-opt, penetrate, gain favor, whatever.”

Atlantic Council Executive Vice Chair Stephen Hadley is especially eager to go to war with Russia.

“If I were in my old job I would be thinking about lethal action, yes. But you know this is why you have a CIA.. This is why you have covert action…You know I think now we tend to talk too much and act too little. And sometimes it’s good if weapons just start showing up…”

Speaking of weapons, the council gets funding from literally the largest military contractors in the world. So that may be a factor in why they’re so trigger happy.

5. Targeting Dissidents

One of those accused of being “a probable Russian disinformation account” was Ian Shilling, a British retiree who went on Sky News to clear his name.

What’s especially troubling is, according to defense correspondent Alistair Bunkall, one of the reasons Ian’s account was identified was because he posted a lot of tweets critical of the British government.

So what happens when being consistently and prolifically critical of the government gets you identified as a “Russian troll farm” by The Atlantic Council?

In this case Ian’s twitter account was suspended and Atlantic Council analyst Ben Nimmo acknowledged it as a victory. But the next day Twitter notified Ian that is was a mistake and restored his account.

So at least in this case the open exchange of ideas necessary for any healthy democracy survived.

Final Thoughts

But given the fact that the Council gets funding from the US government, foreign governments, and large multinational corporations, it’s a legitimate concern that those interests could exert some influence over what the Atlantic Council determines to be misinformation and which accounts get removed on Facebook.

It’s worth noting that not every single member of The Atlantic Council is a democracy toppling, war monger, kidnapper. But they certainly have an agenda, they’re not at all objective, and there’s more than enough shady characters on the board for everyone to be concerned.

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