What is the Creator’s Guild doing about the demonetization of political videos on Youtube?

Matt Orfalea
1 min readOct 17, 2016

It’s downright creepy that Youtube has made the Orwellian decision to disincentivize videos about important news topics. Any of my videos mentioning ISIS (including a silly Bernie Sanders music video) has been demonetized. The same thing has occurred on channels of my fellow youtubers, Representative Press and Humanist Report. It is happening all across Youtube.

Youtube’s argument that these videos are all of a sudden “not advertiser friendly” is frankly…bogus. Most mainstream media news includes wall to wall coverage of terrorist attacks and pundits talking about ISIS. And advertisers flock to them, buying television ads (in a very friendly manner!).

So then why are they slashing the income of only those of us who want to inform the public rather than merely distract the public? This is a question that demands an answer. I just hope independent journalists can afford their rent long enough to get to the bottom of it.