The Washington Post Editorial Nov. 27 2017

Washington Post would rather war in Syria continue than let Russia broker peace.

In their recent editorial, Washington Post editors made clear they’d rather the Syrian war continue than achieve peace.

The Post writes:

Most Americans would consider “the near elimination of the Islamic State in Syria” and an end to the Syrian war to be great news. But the pro-war Post considers a diplomatic approach towards peace to be unfortunate.

The Post then describes Trump’s decision, to let Russia take on the peacemaker role in Syria, as a display of weakness.

Letting Russia fight our shared enemy, ISIS, is not “deference to the Kremlin”. With that logic America should be considered weak for letting the Soviet Union deliver the final blow to Nazi Germany in WW2 — Nonsense.

If defeating ISIS and establishing peace in the Middle East are America’s true goals in Syria, it should not matter what role Russia has in it, so long as those objective’s are accomplished.

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