Video Editing Rap
(Rough Cut)

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How’s the cut coming?
You realize you just had me start this an hour ago right?
Show me what you’ve got.

This is a rough cut
it’s probly gonna suck, cause I’m not done
Soon enough it’ll be hot stuff
But now it’s just a rough cut
I don’t have it all, but I do have some

It’s not a fine cut, I hope that’s fine
I just need more time on the timeline
I’m losin my mind, media’s offline
Media didn’t make it on the harddrive

There’s no color correction, no fancy transitions,
music and lips aren’t all syncin
Not enough footage to finish legit
So I used a little bit o’ copyright infringement

The text is temp, I haven’t edited the credits yet
It’ll look best when I add a vignette
Your deadline’s got the whole office upset
I told you before we shouldn’t use this codec

Adobe’s CC constantly freezes on me
so the green screen aint yet chroma keyed
but Please don’t be mean to me
I want a good critique but some understanding

Shots are outta focus n overexposed
No excuses, you can fix it all in post.
Its not perfect, but it’s coming around
You haven’t even added in any ambient sound.

I haven’t slept for days, I’m frikin tired
Interesting…You’re fuckin fired.

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