Trump is Not the Problem

He’s a Symptom of the Problem

Matt Orfalea


Why do you think people voted for Trump? Cause everything is going great in their lives?! Trump didn’t take us to Iraq. Trump didn’t pass NAFTA.

Trump didn’t bailout the banks and screw home owners.

If people actually knew what Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama actually did they’d be screaming bloody murder. The Democratic Party completely turned there back on workers. They got in bed with Wall Street and Silicon Valley. This is the result. In order to get better we have to come to terms with this.

People are hurting. Half the country is poor. When both parties turn their back on the workers — they’re going to go to a demagogue.

We can’t only point the finger at Trump. We have to expose the Democratic party. Bill Clinton did stuff that Republicans could only do in their wet dreams. He exploded the prison population, gutted welfare, and then repealed the New Deal banking regulations. Barrack Obama repealed Habeas Corpus, shored up the surveillance state, and the people who exposed war crimes inside of our government — he put them in jail and tortured them.

The Democrats are a grass roots party the same way Monsanto is an organic food company, and everyone is still saying, “You gotta vote Democrat because…Trump!”

We tried this before.

You have to beat Trump with something.

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