Transition Decisions (Video Editing Rap)

Matt Orfalea
2 min readOct 9, 2015


This is a vid about vid transitions
transitions ya use when vid editing
This is a vid about vid transitions
go from clip A to clip B like a magician

Going from scene to scene seamlessly is your mission
listen, to help ya make the right decision
Ima list every single transition
built in to Adobe Premiere editions

I use additive dissolve, i like it the most
non-additive dissolve, i don’t really know
cross dissolve is standard in post
film dissolve makes me look like a ghost

Now there’s no need to be transition hack,
If ya wanna tease a show just dip to black
couple reasons ya might dip to white like
lights so bright ya gotta squints your eyes tight

No one’s gonna flip over cube spin
but it might keep attention for a minute
insert regular or center split then
increase border thickness to a hundred

These transitions I’m spittin like a farmer
everything but kitchen sinks, even the barn door
a few clicks and drags on my computer
and I transition better than Bruce Jenner

Wipe is “meh” but gradient wipe is kind cool
if I ever wanna teleport through the room
transition slow or transition soon
insert’s inert so I use cross zoom

Slide over, or push across
iris diamond, round, iris cross, and box
most adobe transitions kinda sucks
for cool transition, it’s extra costs!

For a reading rainbow feel
you can use page turn or peel
if a cuts to abrupt, let it heal
and don’t cut at all, keep it real

There’s no need to be a transition fiend
match the emotion of the scene
there’s no need to be a transition fiend
cut to the motion, cut to the beat

If one transition had to be the best
I’d say just stick to a cut and use sound effects