InfoWars reporter, Owen Schroyer, tells his audience what they want to hear. (As do most people.)

The Problem with Tribalism & the Media

Matt Orfalea
1 min readOct 2, 2017

Have you ever noticed that everyone thinks their group is always right?

Trump supporters are quick to dismiss Trump haters. Trump haters are quick to dismiss Trump supporters. And the media exacerbates this by constantly spinning information to reassure their audience that their group is the smart group, and the other group is just stupid.

The truth is a lot of the Trump protesters, Trump supporters, and the Media that reports on them are all full of shit.

In this video I use Owen Schroyer’s recent reporting for InfoWars to illustrate my point:

Original video: EPIC FAIL! Trump Protestors Can’t Talk, Only Want To Pick Fights!

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