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Tara Reade’s Corroborators

What do they corroborate?

Tara Reade’s first story was published in April 2019. Then she alleged Biden “touched her several times making her feel uncomfortable” but “didn’t consider the acts toward her sexualization”.

3 Corroborators

Perhaps the most convincing element of Tara Reade’s case is the fact that, unlike Christine Blasey Ford, Reade told people about her incident when it occurred in 1993. Tara explained on the Katie Halper Show that she shared what happened with a friend, her mother, and her brother.

1. Tara’s Mother

Tara’s mother has passed away but a 1993 recording of Tara’s mother calling Larry King Live backs up Tara’s claim that an incident occurred while working for Joe Biden. Tara’s mother told Larry King,

2. Tara’s Friend

A year before Tara alleged Biden assaulted her, Tara spoke with journalist Laura McGann, who recently wrote the following.

3. Tara’s Brother

McGann says Tara did not originally mention her brother as a corroborator.

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