I’ve already explained how I am being wrongly accused of being “racist” for an over 10 yr old youtube video taken out of context.

Now, for the sake of transparency, I’d like to identify and address each and every clip being used to attack my character.


It’s true. In my hundreds of videos I have uttered the word retarded 3 times in old videos. The 1st time, I referred to myself, in text, as “retarded?”; a 2nd time, I said “If buying, printing, and shooting guns is your main hobby in life…I will personally think you’re retarded”; which I followed with an attempt to make light of overly PC culture, joking that “it’s retarded” to make such a big deal of the word “retarded”.

Despite my use of the word “retarded”, I hold absolutely no prejudice toward anyone with special needs. In fact, I live happily with my adult special needs younger brother.


Likewise, in the same thoughtless comedy video (made in my dumb 20’s), I referred to the cliche use of clones in youtube videos as “gay”. I am sorry to say that growing up it was a term used regularly and casually by my peers to refer to something “silly” or “lame” — not actually referring to homosexuality at all. I’ve never had any issues with anyone’s sexuality.

I am sorry for my past immaturity, I never sought to insult or offend anyone.

For years I’ve proudly displayed an anonymous youtube comment declaring me “the gayest thing I have ever seen” at the top of my homepage.

One other time I used the word as a jab at conservatives, and in support of gay rights: “Everybody should be able to marry who they want to marry. Any conservative politician who doesn’t get that is just being gay.”


I’m being called “sexist” for saying “I support a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body” followed by “but I’m not ‘pro’ abortion — I’m amateur with abortion at best.” I fully understand criticism saying my lame attempt at humor was crude and not funny. But I still don’t see how that’s sexist.


Conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch has taken the bait, calling me a “misogynist” for putting “Hillary Clinton’s face onto an S&M model”, neglecting the fact I didn’t single out Hillary Clinton for being a woman. I also put Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush in the same style clothing. Warning: the autotune actually is offensive.

“Hillary = Trump”

The same twitter troll, that revived my dumb old videos to get me off the Sanders campaign, also blatantly lies that I made a video that “proclaims Hillary Clinton & Trump to be no different in 2016”. Even though, the video begins with “Sure there are differences between Trump and Hillary” and ends with “Like I said in the beginning, sure there are differences, and if you’re in a swing state, you should probably go ahead and vote based on those differences.”

Independent Video Beast. http://youtube.com/ORF

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