Reading through all the responses, this article clearly came across as mean spirited and condescending. Many don’t even understand what you’re intention was… But I do! :)

Obviously you felt you needed to write about Basic Income in a new creative style so you don’t lose your job to Medium’s upcoming journalist bot ;)

I enjoyed it. But that pic up top is weird. None of those characters looks well. Whatever you were going for, it’s creepy. The reality is those at the Basic Income Meetup / Creatathon were some of the most enthusiastic, fun, kind hearted people I’ve ever met.

You are absolutely right though, there were far more men than woman. But on the bright side, based on your thorough 15 page Basic Income piece, I do believe we got one more woman on our squad…

Welcome to the Basic Income Bro-therhood, Laura :)

Independent video beast:

Independent video beast: