Oprah’s Iraq War Propaganda

Things to consider before endorsing Oprah for President in 2020.

Oprah is a powerful, successful, and inspiring woman but she is not a responsible leader. Not when it comes to the most serious responsibilities of the media (reporting the truth) and government (the decision to go to war).

In 2002 the Bush administration was propagating the false narrative that Saddam Hussein was connected to the 9/11 terrorists and had weapons of mass destruction, in order to manipulate public support for war in Iraq.

Excerpt from Bill Moyers’ documentary, “Buying the War” (2007)

When one brave woman in the audience dared to express doubt that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, Oprah responded, “Oh, we’re not trying to propaganda — show you propaganda…We’re just showing you what is.”

Oprah then dismissed the woman saying, “But ok. You have a right to your opinion”, effectively prompting her audience to laugh at the woman’s legitimate concerns.

Oprah chose to rub shoulders with the powerful, rather than listen to the real issues and concerns of everyday Americans like that brave woman.

Never forget that.

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