by MC Squeaky Clean

This is a clean poem, I rap a clean flow
Cuz bad language is a no no
I keep it clean like scope in the mouth of the pope
If you have a foul mouth, wash it out with soap

I don’t swear, cuss, or curse cuz dirty bad words
have germs, and belong in the sewers
So instead of them, I use other terms
For instance:

Instead of piss, I say pee pee
Instead of my dick, I say my d
say “down there” instead of pussy
No ass-fucking, just sodomy

Instead of cock, I say rooster
Instead o’ asshole, say pooper shooter
No bullshit, I spit fresh manure
Don’t wanna hear a damn thing, unless it’s Hoover

instead of “mother fuckin cunt”, I just say jerk
Instead of “shake your fat ass” I just say twerk
cause I’m a lover and not a hater
So I don’t fuck around! But fornicate? Sure!

I spit hot caca, No Shit
Say Boobs or knockers, but not tits
Instead of faggot, I say cigarette
Instead of bitch I say — inappropriate

I shoot semen out my penis, not cum
I give no mother fucks, just sex with your mums
but I keeps it clean so I wear a condom
won’t do it in her ass but in her bottom

no child abuse, but you can spank with belts
burn for all eternity, but don’t go to hell
stick it up your butt, but go don’t fuck yourself
instead of peace bitch, I’ll say farewell

Trade the obscene for something cleaner
don’t talk about cock, talk about wiener
I don’t say towel head, say middle eastern
Instead of dirty fuckin Jew, just say Jew

Don’t call him greedy bitch, say he’s “capitalist”
Don’t call him a spick, say “he no habla english”
I say freaking or friggin instead of fucking
Instead of nigger I say…nothing

Independent video beast:

Independent video beast: