5 Inspiring Jewish Voices for Peace Who Support Ilhan Omar

5 Inspiring Jewish Voices for Peace

When Ilhan Omar voiced criticism of Israel and the American-Israel lobby, AIPAC, she was smeared as anti-semitic.

For decades in America, such accusations have been used to silence any criticism of the Israeli government. But the tactic is no longer working.

Here’s 5 inspiring Jewish individuals and groups who effectively debunk the ridiculous notion that criticism of Israel is anti-semitic.

1. Senator Bernie Sanders

In response to the attacks Omar received for her tweets Bernie Sanders wrote:

2. Jewish Voice for Peace — Phyllis Bennis

The pro-peace Jewish group held a demonstration supporting Omar in Washington and the groups’s board member Phyllis Bennis spoke to the media to explain why.

3. Jews Against Zionism

Here is Rabbi Dovid Israel on why his group came to Washington to support Ilhan Omar.

4. Jeremy Ben-Ami (Founder & President of J-Street)

Ben-Ami is the founder of a moderate pro-Israel lobby called J-Street, which disagrees with right-wing pro-Israel lobbies like AIPAC on a number of issues and advocates for open dialogue rather than using accusation of antisemitism to silence debate.

5. Gideon Levy

Levy is a journalist famous for being an outspoken critic of of his own country, Israel. Despite being the son of a holocaust survivor he’s been accused of being “pro-Nazi” and had is life threatened.

On Democracy Now he shared his thoughts on the recent Ilhan Omar controversy.

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