Matt Orfalea
1 min readDec 10, 2016


A vaguely sourced rumor not yet truly debunked. This picture remains unexplained. Is that a convicted pedophile to the right? Is David Brock’s ex and Tony Podesta’s friend wearing a shirt that says, “I love children.” Is this photo fake or legit?

In Washington DC (which is where that photo was taken) that shirt would be referring to Pierre L’Efant, the man who designed Washington DC.'Enfant

It could also be referring to L’Efant Plaza, an area of DC dedicated to the city’s designer. In this area, there are like 10 gay bars nearby. That’s what pops up in a search.

TLDR: That picture is evidence the Owner of Comet Ping Pong is gay in DC. NOT a pedo.

why don’t the stories “debunking” Pizzagate debunk this photo?

Seems the mainstream media is not interested in a detailed debunking. Maybe because they just want to paint the conspiracy theorists as simply crazy, rather than show that the conspiracy theorists actually had some reasons for their theory. Even if the reasons were purely speculative and the theory is wrong.

I’m working on a detailed debunking. Stay tuned.