When it comes to an individual, whom then aims to gain employment or contribute in some way to society or basically to live; how will they wash their clothing? Be able to afford travel to interviews and to their employment before they receive their first pay cheque? How will they make or receive calls without the money for a phone or search online without the money for a computer and broadband/internet? Afford travel to contribute in volunteer work or afford various expenses associated with making some form of contribution to society?

I think when we are arguing for a Basic Income we need an amount to be enough to not just afford clothes, but to wash them. I also believe it should be a right of every citizen to have access to Internet.

Would people still not have to accept the same terrible jobs to have their other needs met, such as social needs?

Some people will continue working jobs for social reasons. But there are many ways to socialize without a job!

The travel and money required to engage in activities in life? The money required for entertainment, quality of life and so on, such as, say, television?

I do not think basic income should provide entertainment money because (1) It leaves an incentive to work. (2) People can entertian themselves/each other for free! And we’re all entertaining each other for free on a larger scale than ever through youtube, blogs, etc.

Human emotional, mental and psychological wellbeing, that which is above basic survival needs, wouldn’t these and more needs for humans to function etc. need to be considered?

A basic income will certainly have a positive affect on mental and psychological well being, don’t you think? People less stressed about basic survival = healthier people. Sure, there will be exceptions. The world will never be perfect. But BI will make it better.

The question of existing debt repayments is also a big issue which will force those with debt to remain or gain terrible employment, wouldn’t it?

Yes. BI will not eliminate debt. But it will help make the payments easier.

Again, I appreciate that to consider the above needs, plus consider that which is needed for employment/various contributions; such as travel, phone, computer, etc., does raise the amount of a UBI quite considerably, but, I tend to think of a UBI in terms of what the top 10% of society have, such as, say, David Cameron.

The goal of UBI is not 100% equality (that is more like Communism). The goal is to lift everybody out of poverty to a higher standard of life. I believe doing that, (allowing people to pursue their own passions and curiously rather than work a job they hate) will enable the innovation that can lead to more affordable computers, travel, and all the things currently more limited to the wealthy. Also remember that if someone with BI wanted to buy a computer, they can get a job for just a week in order to buy one. That is very different from being forced to work your whole life just to afford food and rent.

Thanks for the thoughts!



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