How to Introduce Bernie Sanders like a Superstar!

1. Sarah Silverman

Make sure all your friends know about Bernie’s stellar track record. Bernie marched with Martin Luther King Jr. for civil rights in the 60’s. Stood up for gay rights in the 80’s. Voted against the Iraq War in the 90’s. So get excited for Bernie 2016.

2. The Hulk, Mark Ruffalo

Not a great public speaker? Scramble your words? Don’t worry. Speak up! Financial inequality, and social unrest, is something that effects everybody, even the Hulk.

3. Seth MacFarlane

Other important fact to bring up: (1) Bernie is the strongest candidate to address our climate change crisis with millions of new jobs to transition to 100% renewable energy (like the rest of the developed world) (2) A little democratic socialism isn’t anything to be afraid of. It’s why children no longer have to work 15 hrs a day in a coal mine.

4. Cornel West

Unlike virtually every other candidate, Bernie Sanders is not for sale! West declares our brother Bernie, “the greatest public exemplar of integrity, honesty, and decency in public life.”

5. Killer Mike

In addition to not accepting Super Pac special interest money, Bernie also stands out from the pack with his promises to (1) Restore the voting rights act, (2) End the war on drugs that disproportionately targets minorities and poor, and (3) Make public college education free, not a debt sentence.

6. Nina Turner

7. Danny Glover

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