Hillary Clinton Songs (9 Bizarre Search Results)

I made a recent list of The Best Bernie Sanders Rap Songs. So I thought I’d see what the internet had to offer for “Hillary Clinton Raps”. And what Google spat back is some of the most bizarre shit I’ve ever seen. These are the top Hillary Clinton raps and songs according to Google.

1. Hillary Clinton 2016 election parody song: emails, Benghazi and Bill

In this Taiwanese animation, Hillary grows a Pinocchio nose so long it breaks through the roof of the Capitol into a sheep’s asshole. Ya I told you this was a bizarre list.

2. Maroon 5- Sugar (Parody) “The Hillary Song” starring Pandora Boxx and Adrian Anchondo

Good song. But rather than mention a single concrete reason to vote for Hillary, it mentions pant suits about 12 times. It is also a bit odd to see a drag queen and a pack of gay men dance to this, considering Hillary’s awful history of not supporting LGBT rights.

3. HILLARY CLINTON RAP SONG (Original Music Comedy Video by NOW and BECAUSE)

The song starts off with “I’d rather have Bernie Sanders.” What proceeds is probably the oddest video I have ever seen.

4. Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Song

I think we can all agree a more appropriate title for this song is “Booty”.

5. Stand With Hillary

Eventually I finally found a legit Pro-Hillary song on Youtube. But it was not put together by an enthusiastic fan. It was made and paid for by a Hillary Clinton Super Pac… The cowboy singing isn’t even the singer, just an actor. The video recieved a lot of backlash for it’s lack of authenticity. Even CNN bashed it. And in a rather anti-democratic fashion, comments were disabled and eventually the video was deleted from Youtube (it has been re-uploaded by others though).

6. Hillary in the House Music Video

Opens with a couple guys yelling “Hillary” on the street for over a minute. That’s an entire lifetime in Youtube years. The chorus is “We need a woman in the house.” Sound kind of sexist? The singer elaborates in another video, “We need a cleaning in that house, and we need a woman to clean it up.” Yeah. He’s for real. Those poor children…

7. Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign Song (Official )

I admire the rapper’s enthusiasm and energy. I just hope he researches some other candidates before making a final decision.

8. Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Song

Dude wrote a good tune.


A pretty voice with some ugly lyrics. Starts by introducing Hillary as a “commie, pinko, lefty, hippie hag”. But what do you expect from Youtube username “Impeach the Socialist Obama”?

Independent video beast: http://youtube.com/ORF

Independent video beast: http://youtube.com/ORF