Biden Campaign Lies & Smears YouTuber for Speaking Truth

Matt Orfalea
2 min readMar 11, 2020

The Joe Biden campaign’s digital director, Rob Flaherty, lied about me because I spoke the truth about Joe Biden’s history on the Iraq War and Social Security. In an attempt to smear me & the Bernie Sanders campaign (whom I have absolutely no affiliation with), the Biden employee falsely accused me of calling voters to tell them that Joe Biden has dementia.

What I actually did was tell voters that Biden led us into the Iraq War and has been willing to cut Social Security throughout his career. Nearly the entire five hour livestream was dedicated to informing voters about these two serious issues but the Biden campaign and their media stenographers completely omitted that reality.

The 96 year old woman (and former Biden fan) begins speaking about Joe Biden’s dementia at 4:47

I did joke briefly about Biden’s alarming forgetfulness but wasn’t telling anyone he has “dementia”. On the contrary, a former Biden fan told me that Biden has dementia. A sharp 96-year-old voter started off by saying, “Well he don’t understand right now”. When I sympathized with the concerns about Biden’s mental decline, she just went ahead and said it: “Dementia.”

I tried to give Joe the benefit of the doubt, “Is it even fair to say he has dementia?”. But she responded confidently, “He has it…He don’t even know what’s going on…Sometimes he don’t even know where he is.”

None of the Biden campaign’s media lackeys bothered to contact me for comment before slandering me and willfully misreporting the story.

In other news, according to CNN’s Andrea Mitchell, Senator Cory Booker, and The Young Turks, Joe Biden does have some serious mental decline!