Dr. Margaret Flowers, candidate for Senate, brings up Basic Income in first debate appearance.

Matt Orfalea
1 min readOct 10, 2016

Dr. Margaret Flowers, Senate candidate for Maryland, brought up Universal Basic Income during her first opportunity to debate the Republican and Democrat candidates.

Flowers explained, “We’re seeing a failed model of development, of attracting outside industry in, and then when they find a better deal somewhere else, they leave.” She continued:

…We advocate in the Green Party for the Green New Deal, which is a full scale mobilization to deal with the climate crisis that will create 20 million living wage, healthy jobs. And as we do that, we need to see that as investment that has a public return so that we can create a Basic Income for everyone, immediately eliminating poverty.

Despite finally being included in a debate, Margaret Flowers is still currently being blocked from all future debates, including televised debates.