Over 65 million yrs ago dinosaurs roamed the earth…Shooting guns!

Raptors were shooting uzis in jacuzzis
T-rex shot guns with Gary Busey
Pterodactyl popped shots with topless groupies
everyone’s was havin fun with guns and shooting

every dinosaur got a gun
even dinosaurs that were nuns
the age of dino guns had begun
but over time something happened

gun possession led to more aggression
triceratops shot lead 24/7
because the guns had become obsessions
they spent all dino funds on gun production

there was so many guns, not enough stuff to shoot
so came up with 21 gun salutes
they shot up Iraq, blew up Beirut
they shot guns to solve any kind of dispute

made guns ta match ya bags and ya shoes
dirty dino magz of guns n bathing suits,
they cheered gun cheers n watched gun news,
as they drank gun beer & ate gun soup

picked up their gats and ratatatat
at whatever they shot at, they shot at it to the max
shot up their own homes and natural habitats
til all the trees fell into fat green stacks

They cuddled up with their guns at night
Ya they slept with guns, instead of a wife
they sucked on a gun, not a thumb, to sleep tight
Ya it sounds kinda wrong…but they said it was right

as the shooting went on, they got bigger weapons
all of a sudden, there tons of explosions in slow motion
and their world blew up like a watermelon
in really a big bang… extinction

read it again to the beat!

Independent video beast: http://youtube.com/ORF

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