Chapo Trap House Responds to Reddit’s New Policy & Deletions

“Subreddits are like commune cults without the sex.”

Just the other day, Reddit removed thousands of communities, deleting every single word typed in the groups’ long histories, for violating the social media site’s new hate speech rules. Some of these communities called “subreddits” had hundreds of thousands of regular users sharing memes and exchanging comments.

One of those subreddits was r/ChapoTrapHouse, a large group of fans dedicated to the left-wing podcast, Chapo Trap House. I asked CTH co-host, Amber Frost, what she thought of the removal.

When you say “disgusting cesspit” are you referring to Reddit as a whole or a specific subreddit?

Amber Frost

So do you think it is fair that CTH and r/The_Donald got removed but not other subreddits like the anti-Bernie r/Enough_Sanders_Spam?

What do you think of Reddit’s new RULE 1 that states “everyone has a right to use Reddit free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence” but then two paragraphs down states “the rule does not protect groups of people who are in the majority”.

Nice line. But would you say the same about every other social media site? Despite their problems, social media clearly does have some political significance and political impact, right? Why else would campaigns be pouring millions of dollars into advertising on the platforms?

Wow I actually hadn’t seen that Lena Dunham video. I’ve made some bad videos but at least I’ve never made anything worse than that.

I agree social media is a problem. But in 2016, I think it played a big role in making Bernie Sanders a contender, and it probably also helped Trump win. So I think the removal of large social media groups is pretty significant. Got any closing remarks?

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