“Bernie Blackout: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” (2020)

A New Feature Length Documentary

Matt Orfalea


Director Pat McGee’s new feature film, “Bernie Blackout” premieres May 13 at 8pm on Vice. The film follows the revolutionary Bernie Sanders campaign and the hostile cable news narratives that surrounded it.

Now I’m slightly biased because I worked on the film as a producer. But I can say quite confidently that “Bernie Blackout” is by far the best feature length documentary on the Bernie Sanders campaign ever made. (It is also the first!)

So buckle up brothers, sisters, and anyone who can figure out how to watch a show on the VICE TV channel. It’s a wild ride. Highlights include:

  • Former MSNBC employees, Krystal Ball, Jeff Cohen, and Ed Schulz (RIP) share just how things operate behind the scenes in cable news.
  • Harvard data scientist Jeff Winchell performs an epic hard data debunking of the hateful “Bernie Bro” myth, once and for all.
  • Alex Jones crashes a Bernie rally and joins MSNBC in smearing Bernie Sanders as a dangerous communist. (Funny how much Info Wars and MSNBC have in common…)

It’s filled with insightful commentary from a star-studded cast of sharp political insiders and brutally honest outsiders.

The film features the fiery Senator Nina Turner, Chuck Rocha, and many passionate Sanders volunteers — the real boots on the ground. We also sit down with Bernie Sanders’ senior advisor and speech writer David Sirota.

What the hell happened? Who’s to blame? What went wrong?

Respected journalists Ryan Grim, Katie Halper, Meagan Day, Jasper Craven, and Zeeshan Aleem share their thoughtful analysis. And the amazing Jimmy Dore, Lauren Steiner, Tiffany Ferguson, Will Gaillard, Michael White, Stephen Carpineta, Nappy Headed Jojoba, & Amber Frost of Chapo Traphouse each add their own special spice to the mix.

“Bernie Blackout” premieres 5/13 at 8pm on VICE.

Produced by Pat McGee Pictures, McGee also serves as executive producer. Adam Linkenhelt and Terry Hahin are co-executive producers.

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