This is…
Yet another cover letter from another petty debtor
Another renter that needs to eat and keep his shelter
so please agree to let me be your little helper

Dear anonymous job poster,
I’d like to be your next wage slave poser
I ain’t no loafer, just do what I’m told, Sir
I’ll put my dreams on hold until I’m older

I’d like a nice job title if it’s possible
It will help fool fools to think I’m responsible
thought the truth is, like you, i’ll just be a tool
sittin at at a desk readin emails

I don’t wanna be that guy, but I’ll try
to live a lie, to get by and survive
cryin on the inside 9–5
wearin coats and ties when it’s hot outside

Your job sounds stupid, honestly
I don’t give a fuck about marketing
for your mother fuckin company
but I’ll do it to make some fuckin money

You made me retype every line separately
even though all the info was already
in my resume, references, and cv — -do you know know how fucking retarded that is???

I applied last month, you said stay in touch
can I get a Yes or No? I don’t ask for much
i mean what the fuck? enough’s enough
you sociopathic human resource cunts

Searchin Craigslist,, Linkedin
searchin endless lists for gigs n payment
most gig requirements are ass n tits
or kissing ass at a no pay internship

I have resourcefulness, no resources
don’t know what my next recourse is
but listen to this, human resource bitch
your internship can suck my dick

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Independent video beast: