A dirty love letter
from your laptop

You really know how to press my buttons, but I love you girl. You know you love me too…

I’M A LAPTOP, you hit the jackpot
let me get on top, I’ll make your lap hot
just plug me in, I won’t stop
…unless a “pop-up” pops up

Want some fun? just turn me on,
I recharge quick, always up for action
just plug me in, I won’t stop
…unless my hard drive gets too hot

I’m a Laptop, any type you want,
no really girl, I got every font,
I do lots of stuff, your man cannot
take me to bed but not the bathtub

I’m here whenever you wanna waste time
whenever you want I’ll give you face-time
back that up, come go for a ride
ya back that up, right on my hard-drive

you’re the only one that gets inside my mind
you’re the only one who gets the password right
I know all the things you “Like”
I’ll light up your night, like a light bright

Chemistry between us is maximal
I’m a machine in the sheets and you’re an animal
Whether your intentions are serious or casual
I can tell our software is compatible

Girl, with me you can never get bored
Anything you want, I got the answer for
I got no arms but I’ll keep you warm
I buzz a bit…but I don’t snore

I’m a Laptop, we just click
now put your hand down on my stylus
do me at home, do me at work
use me all day until your wrist hurts

girl you bought me, I’m all yours
I got mad games if ya wanna score
Wanna be discreet? close the door
then download TOR, before I hit the back door

I can download Better Call Saul
place conference calls or watch basketball
I’m your escape, from it all
just stick my plug in your wall

You can be obsessed, I won’t get upset
You can even track me on GPS
I’ll empty the trash, with no mess
I won’t ever smoke up, but I’ll get High def

You wanna visit your ex? I don’t sweat
cause I’m always refreshed, and I have no flesh
you and me together, baby we’re the best
but if ya break it off, I’ll get refurbished

Independent video beast: http://youtube.com/ORF

Independent video beast: http://youtube.com/ORF