If you attempt to discuss even the possibility that ivermectin might help against Covid-19, you are accused of believing you’re a horse.

If you point out the flaws and weaknesses in the pro-ivermectin analysis, you are accused of being involved in a conspiracy with Big Pharma and Bill Gates.

Here’s a much needed nuanced talk about ivermectin with Dr. Eric Osgood.

The Kyle Rittenhouse Case

Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people (killing two) and has been charged with murder. But Rittenhouse claims he acted in self-defense. Instead of getting caught up in the partisan hackery surrounding this case, I want to present you the facts and let you, the jury, come to your own conclusion.

Btw, I’m not making any money on this video because sharing important video evidence of the most covered criminal case in the country is “inappropriate or offensive to some YouTube audiences”. So please support my work by becoming a patron on Patreon.

Matt Orfalea

Independent video beast: http://youtube.com/ORF

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