5 Times Donald Trump & His Supporters Flipped on Wikileaks

Matt Orfalea
6 min readJan 13, 2019

When it comes to Wikileaks, Trump and many of his supporters have been crooked politicians. They support truth and press freedom when it suits them. But condemned truth-tellers to death when it doesn’t.

Here’s 5 times Donald Trump & his supporters flipped on Wikileaks.

1. Newt Gingrich

In 2010, when Wikileaks produced award winning journalism for publishing the unflattering truths about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For exposing the truth about war, Newt Gingrich called Wikileaks’s editor Julian Assange a terrorist.

“Julian Assange is engaged in terrorism. He should be treated as an enemy combatant…Shut Wikileaks down…Wikileaks should be closed down permanently and decisively.”

But when Julian Assange published the truth about Donald Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, Newt became one of Wikileaks greatest promoters:

“Wikileaks is actually gonna give us an entirely new understanding…You see this in all the Wikileaks…Wikileaks…”

“You know Wikileaks, there’s so much material there…

“They keep leaking through and week by week the country learns more about how dishonest and corrupt Hillary is.”

“I hope the Trump campaign will spend at least a week on what’s coming out in all of these leaks…Wikileaks…”

Newt pushed Wikileaks so hard he called networks propagandists for not covering more Wikileaks.

[The Networks] put in 23 minutes on an 11 year old tape. And the 3 of them combined put in [only] 57 seconds covering Wikileaks. That’s pure propaganda.

2. Sean Hannity

Originally, Hannity criticized the government for not throwing Julian Assange in jail to stop Wikileaks from publishing.

Assange is apparently not done waging his war against the U.S.

Why can’t Obama do something about the Wikileaks? Why didn’t they do anything? We had six months notice, six months to deal with this!

Why didn’t they go after this guy? Why didn’t they arrest him? Why didn’t they stop this from being published when we’ve had so much time to do it?

Should Julian Assange be considered a terrorist?

Hannity speaks at Trump rally (2018)

In 2016, when Wikileaks published private emails exposing the Hillary Clinton campaign…

Julian, how are you sir? Welcome to the program.

Julian Assange went from a possible terrorist to a friend of the show.

I actually do applaud — you’ve exposed a lot about our government that I’m appreciative of as a citizen. Because there are things going on that we need to know about and I hope it wakes people up.

Hannity even traveled to visit Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy, where he’s been living in asylum from U.S. prosecution for the past six years.

I’ve come to believe that you’ve done things that have been helpful to the United States and journalism in a way…Julian Assange, fascinating…I do hope you get free one day.

Rewind back to 2010:

Hannity: Left wing filmmaker, Michael Moore, has come out in support of the man behind Wikileaks, Julian Assange, writing on his website ‘He should be thanked and honored, not abused and jailed.’ What a shock. Michael Moore has is wrong again.

3. Sarah Palin

In 2010 Palin criticized the government for not doing more to “permanently dismantle Wikileaks” and compared Julian Assange to a terrorist leader.

Why was he not pursued with the same urgency that we pursue Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders?

Fast Forward to 2016:

I was so ticked off at him and thought he was such a foe until I figured out where he was headed…

When true information released by Wikileaks started benefiting her friend, fellow reality star Donald Trump, Palin finally saw the light.

His agenda with what he’s doing is trying to provide people information so that we can make better decisions for our own lives, for our community, for our country, for the world.

In 2017 Sarah Palin publicly apologized to Julian Assange for her past comments on Facebook.

He’s all about freedom. He wants people to have information. And that’s power — and we need that.

4. Mike Huckabee

In 2010, Huckabee said Wikileaks source should be sentenced to death.

I think anything less than execution is too kind a penalty…and I think the New York Times has shown an utter reckless disregard for any responsible journalism for printing something they know they obtained in a way that was not appropriate.

After attacking NYT for printing Wikileaks revelations in 2016 he appeared on TV with printed Wikileaks revelations right beside his head.

The fact is the Wikileaks exposure has revealed nothing less than a criminal enterprise…This is why Hillary Clinton cannot be President…because they have used government powers for going after their political enemies.

5. Donald Trump

“I think it’s disgraceful…I think there should be like death penalty or something for that one.”

Fast Forward to 2016:

Hillary had no defense for her secret speeches, to Wall Street and international banks, that she hid from the public and were exposed by WIKILEAKS!

Oh we love Wikileaks. This Wikileaks stuff is unbelievable! I love reading those Wikileaks. It tells you the inner heart. Wikileaks is amazing. …You gotta read it. Wikileaks. Wikileaks. This Wikileaks is like a treasure trove! Wikileaks is unbelievable. Wikileaks, I love Wikileaks.

The Wonder of Wikileaks

Trump went from calling Wikileaks disgraceful, to being Wikileaks’s biggest fan, to magically not knowing anything about Wikileaks.

Fast Forward to 2018:

Question: Should Julian Assange go free?

Donald Trump: I don’t know anything about him. Really I don’t know much about him. I really don’t.”

If you don’t understand why Trump wouldn’t support freeing Julian Assange that can be explained with one short clip:

Question: If the information you had was about Donald Trump and his campaign would you equally have released that?

Julian Assange: Yes, absolutely.

Wikileaks is not a partisan publisher. Their mission is to inform the public with the truth about what’s secretly being done by powerful institutions around the world, including the U.S. Government under Donald Trump

That’s why Trump’s own justice department, like the one before him, is poised to prosecute Julian Assange if he takes one step out of the Ecuadorian Embassy.

If the U.S. government prosecutes a journalist for publishing the truth, that will be the death of the free press.

So please share this video and tell Donald Trump and his supporters that they are crooked politicians if they don’t stand up for the most American principles of all, the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, for Julian Assange and Wikileaks.


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