10 Rules for YouTube Success

An Honest Guide to YouTubing

1. Don’t quit your day job.

The chances of you earning a livable income with youtube are slim to none.

2. Quit your day job.

The slim chances of you making it will never happen unless you focus your time and dedicate yourself.

3. Ask your audience to subscribe.

How else are they going to know to subscribe?Nobody’s going to help you unless you ask them. So Don’t be afraid to ask. After all if YOU aren’t confident enough to promote YOU, why would anybody else?

4. Don’t even worry about subscribers.

Stop nagging people to subscribe. People aren’t idiots, there’s a giant subscribe button by every video. People know how youtube works, if they want to subscribe they will. And asking for people to follow you because you crave attention and want to make money off obnoxious advertising is kind of a turn off.

5. Edit.

Keep your videos fast and engaging by editing out all the boring empty space.

6. Stop editing.

Chill the fuck out on the editing. Videos don’t always have to be fast paced. Pauses can be effective. Sometimes it’s good to just keep it raw.

7. Use explosions.

Get your audiences attention. Just grab it. Nothing does that better than explosions. (Except for boobs of course.)

8. Don’t use explosions.

They are cliche, dangerous, and probably illegal in your city or state.

9 Watch some YouTube videos.

Find role models. See if you can figure out what they’re doing that’s working and see if you can apply that to your own videos to make them better.

10. Stop watching YouTube and stop listening to people like me.

I have a few thousand subscribers. I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about. Just follow your own intuition. Seriously just do what you want. And that goes for life in general, not just youtube.

Now Seriously…

Every time you share something that inspires a thought or a smile, YOU are a Youtube success. That’s all YouTube is about.

Unless you’re Google. Or a YouTube network. In which case success is leveraging power to make money by forcing people to watch billions of obnoxious ads.

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